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Kasha Industries is a family owned business founded in 1970 by Edwin E. Kasha Sr. Ed was well recognized as a pioneer in research and development in the coloring and compounding of plastic.  He was awarded the highest honor by the Society of Plastics Engineers in 1976.  He spearheaded the development and construction of the color lab during the initial building of the General Electric thermoplastics plant in Mt. Vernon, Indiana, now currently known as SABIC.  It was during that time he developed and obtained a patent on the K.I. Indexer, which carries his name to this day.  The K.I. Indexer is still considered a major index in the testing of plastics.
Our Kasha Industries team is currently comprised of several employees, many of who worked for Mr. Kasha for as long as 40 years.  The vast experience and knowledge he imparted during that time is still the foundation that Kasha is based on today.  With this knowledgeable team, Kasha offers the best in the business with regard to difficult material processing and coloring.
The Kasha facility continues to expand and update its technology and equipment in order to serve our customers.  We boast a state of the art testing laboratory and specialized product line.  We have recently expanded to include a Kasha Warehouse Distribution Center, allowing easy and cost effective processing of materials to our customers. 
The future is certain for a company that strives continuously to be a leader in technology and offers services that meet their customers' needs on a daily basis.
The Kasha Family


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Ed Kasha Sr.

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