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Who is Kasha Industries?

Kasha Industries is a leader in the manufacturing of thermoplastic resins.  We are a one-source supplier of custom and toll compounded resins, custom coloring, blending, color compounding, extrusion, grinding and regrinding, repelletizing, reprocessing, shredding, plastic recycling, and much more.  The Kasha Team has over 40 years of experience and is ready to quote, manufacture and expedite your orders across the globe.  We are committed to quick turnaround times with the flexibility it takes to meet your needs.  Our quotes are quick and accurate.  Our quality control and production processes are second to none.  You will receive your order on time and within budget.  Kasha Industries is committed to continuously meeting or exceeding the needs of our customers in the areas of Product, Delivery, Performance, Service and Price. 
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